Mushroom Spawn & Supplies

Gourmet Mushroom Spawn & Supplies made to order! 

Look nowhere else for the freshest quality spawn products, and bottles that keep you producing for years!! 


!!Morchella Culture is publishing a book April 2019!! 

Over 150 pages of color illustrated, jaw dropping sweetness about one of the most delicious mushrooms on this planet! 
This how to cultivation guide is practical and detailed explaining how to cultivate morel mushrooms outdoors. It also features 
one of the largest morel strain guides we have ever read about. 

Morchella Culture offers Gourmet Mushroom Spawn!

The difference is visually apparent. Quality spawn made to order! 

Available upon request the M.C. offers pure Sclerotia gold!  Let us do the hard work for you! We will harvest and ship your dried sclerotia to use at your convenience.

                    Successful fruiting of morels depends on a lot of factors. We at the M.C. encourage our customer's as well as the passerby to engage in our facebook group: Mad Mikes Morels.


 The M.C. does not offer mushroom cultures or syringes. That is why we feel obligated to send you to a trusted business and individual with a massive collection of mushroom strains. 

Please check out The MyceliumEmporium if you are in need of fresh mushroom cultures at a very affordable price!

Created by Patrick Anderson