Terms Of Sale

Mushroom spawn, culture's, & equipment must be paid in full prior to shipping. Customers are responsible for shipping as well as the responsibility of being home and taking care of your spawn or culture when it arrives. Morchella Culture will not be responsible or accept returns of your culture or spawn if it sat in your driveway or mailbox. (Summer temperatures can be devastating to your spawn or culture) Make sure you or someone you know is home to place in the refrigerator (best idea) or in a dark cool place until used.

There may be restrictions on importation of live mushroom

cultures to certain destinations, so check with your local customs agents.

It is the responsibility of any foreign customer to research and fulfill the requirements for importation of live

mushroom mycelium into his or her country.

Morchella Culture accepts no responsibility for the loss or

damage of live cultures seized or detained because of improper or missing documentation.

Limited Warranty

Morchella Culture guarantees our customer's that the mushroom culture will be viable upon receiving. We will replace any spawn stored and used according to our Mushroom Spawn & Culture Handling instructions.

If you wish to request replacement spawn please provide a written explanation of the problem/s you are having and we will replace if warranted.

Forward your inquiry to our customer service email at: info@morchellaculture.com

We will replace your spawn at no additional charge, subject only to availability at that time. The spawn or cultures being provided are purely academic and we make no guarantee as to their productivity or usefulness. Morchella Culture shall not be responsible for consequential damages or other damages except as specified. This is the sole and exclusive limited

warranty provided by Morchella Culture, and customer agrees that the limit of Morchella Culture’s liability to the customer shall be the purchase price.

Limitation of Use

Your Morchella Culture spawn is conditionally

delivered subject to your agreement to comply with the following limitation of culture(s) use:

1. You may not resell your spawn or culture(s) in any way, shape or form.

2. You may not resale, transfer, market or assign this spawn or culture(s) directly or indirectly, to third parties.

3. You may only use this spawn for fresh and dried fruit body products, and for your personal use to grow additional spawn for fresh and dried fruit body products.

4. You shall not resale Morchella Culture’s spawn or cultures without our written consent.

5. The resale of culture in vitro or spawn form is prohibited.


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