Cultivation Equipment

Mushroom Spawn/Fruiting Bottles

 !!Available Now!!

Sterilizable plastic cultivation fruiting bottles!

Double filtration and reusable. Don’t get stuck in old cultivation trends that waist large amounts of plastic as well as your wallet! Use this bottle to grow just about any type of gourmet mushroom. Injection ports now available on bottles. 

Check out our different substrate options! 

Mushroom Fruiting Bottle
Fruiting Bottle
Mushroom Fruiting Bottle with injection port
Fruiting Bottle W/injection Port
Formula Delta: Sterilized Rye Berries that can be used for just about, if not every mushroom strain we carry....and don't carry. Used for spawn transfers or to just fruit right out of the bottle.
Sterilized Rye Grain
Formula Alpha: Substrate formula for such species as Shiitake and Kuritake. 15% Bran, 80% Hard Wood, Gypsum.
Sterilized Spawn Bottle
Formula Bravo: A formula well known in the mycology world as the "Masters Mix"....slightly modified. This Mix is comprised of 48% Soy Bean, 48% Hard Wood, 3% Gypsum, 1% Lime.
sterilized spawn bottle
Formula Charlie: A formula for Wood Lovers. This mix is nearly identical to the Bravo Formula but we add Rye Flour.
sterilized spawn bottle
Created by Patrick Anderson