Ordering Information

Photo by: Michael G. Larsen

We feel strongly about customer satisfaction and this is the reason we feel it is necessary to bring you a superior product.

Most companies offer spawn in the form of 3-5lb bags, we offer 1100ml fruiting jars...and for good reason!

After years of trial and error we found jars outperform and greatly exceed sclerotia production verses the standard bag.

All strains are made to order to ensure you as well as GMS that you have the freshest as well as contamination free spawn available.

*Allow us 15-30 days to culture your mushroom spawn. (Depending on strain) (Some strains, but not many, may take up to 9 weeks to properly incubate.)

*All shipping is sent priority to ensure quality.

*Please Note: Every strain has a different spawn run time. Please feel free to call before ordering if ordering larger quantities.

Created by Patrick Anderson